Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Foundation

Life is a puzzle and each day...
A new gift
I am astounded at
How the world has changed
My very source of stability
Seems to have slipped
Like a gripless shoe on solid ice

I am reminded again
Of Trust
And Hope
So deep that your
Fingers are bleeding from all the
Effort of holding on
And the Knowledge
That there is only one Truth
To depend on another person
Or ideal can put an end to
Your sanity

I am aching for people
I love dearly
And those Who I don't yet know
I know I may seem close-minded to some
That my tried and true methods
Might seem rigid to Emergents
But I am one who lives and loves
Because of my experiences
The BitterSweetness the Savior
Has given to me
and the Love I can share because of
His Saving my Life
This priceless gift.

1 comment:

  1. Just finished watching the movie Coraline. It was an odd movie--a bit Tim Burton ish, but being in the mindset that I am of God fighting for me against a well equiped but baseless opponent, I found an interesting coorelation between good and evil. Without giving the story plot away for those that may want to see it, the way I interpreted the movie was that the devil will do everything in his limited power to decieve us and temp us to "join" him. He'll give you what you desire, and then take it away and the real truth of what he is is revealed. Coraline faces this struggle between her real world and this alternate world where everything is great and grand--until her "second mom" is really revealed and the truth of the alternate world is displayed and Coraline has to fight to save what is true--her family and the real world. I find it interesting because it is so true. We have to FIGHT! It's not easy; it isn't purty; and it doesn't leave us feeling all the great inside. Dare I say I feel like I'm conquering my enemy? For that, I cannot take credit because Jesus already conquered satan and we are left to trust in Jesus and fight off the evil, deceptive thoughts he temps us with. The alternate mom in the movie temped Coraline with all that she wanted, and then attempted to separate her from those that love her. But with constant struggling and resistance, the evil one can be overcome. I feel inspired at this point and pray that I wake up with a renewed sense of self, admist the struggles I'm facing about my situation. God bless you in your daily fight against the evil one!