Monday, November 16, 2009


So many aching hearts
Racing minds
Souls ripped by a hunger
That seems to never be filled
Have I been forsaken?
Life is just too hard.
Fall Within
And Out
I see and feel the pain
Of so many
And my eyes burn
With an intense
For justice
For hope that's real
Not just a dream
Each face has a Name
And each Name is
Written in your Book
And yet as you see
Each Sparrow Fall
You let each of Your precious
Children Fall
My tears won't end
Because my heart
Is breaking for So Many
But yet what's this
Feeling I have alongside
Intense Sorrow?
It's beauty
It's beauty of these
Exquisite Souls
I see them, I try to see them
As Yours
And I love them
But unlike you
I don't know what to do
So I wait
I hope alongside them
Cry with them
And fear each crack
In their hearts grows
Until nothing is left
Nothing is left
Except Us.
That's why
You've given me this
Indescribable gift
To hurt for the hurting
Because maybe
Your love has become
More real to me
in these Trying Times
And today I pray
to Your Spirit
To walk with Us
To carry our agonies
Our doubts
Our jumbled up
That sometimes comes
Out as tears
Or as blank stares
Or as empty smiles
Carry them with your
Wordless Groanings
To Heaven
Because we are Done
And the pain is too Much
But You've given Us
Each Other.

1 comment:

  1. He has give us each other for without that, we'd be so lost and so conceited that we'd end up killing ourselves. While I find your poem quite honest and inspiring, I find that the conclusion mid-way as erroneous. He hasn't let us fall--we chose that. We choose to step out of His umbrella, and when that happens--we fall, and we get hurt. Free-will has its disadvantages as well, but He knows that the advantages far outweigh the negative. Look at it this way--(simplistic, but it works). Picture God as the Spigot of life pouring water out graciously. We are the bucket meant to capture that water. If we are not aligned with the Spigot, our buckets will remain dry; if we align with Him, we will be full. But--evil has this world captive, so the only one who can ever be aligned with Him is Jesus; and the only thing we can do is try--not matter how hard, it's a worldly thing--we will fail; falling short of His glory; spilling our bucket. The promise is, though--return to the Spigot and fill yourself with Him and you will receive His glory and life.

    On a side comment--perhaps a mouse took your camera cord and made a swing for the little ones to play on. :) May God bless you and constantly flood your bucket.