Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frustrated with Google and Blogger

Is there any blogger out there who can answer my questions???

1) I am quite frustrated right now with Google. I switched to a different gmail and have not figured out how to transfer my new blog with it. Instead my blog ONLY opens up under my old gmail address. (Hence, I constantly have to SIGN OUT of blogger and sign in AGAIN with my OLD EMAIL. ANNOYING!!!!!) I went online for an answer and they said you can add a blog to the "Contributors" section. Well, that did not help because I still cannot access my blog directly from my current "brittanybettger@gmail.com" account. HELP!

2) I am wondering if I should switch to wordpress. Is that better? Could I have all my stuff from this blog transfer to the new one? Any recommendations. Does anyone even read my blog???????????????


  1. i read your blog!!! and i dunno about the first question...but as for the second YES you can transfer EVERYTHING over to wordpress. easily! and it all is perfect! i love wordpress...though i miss not being able to do a bunch of cute backgrounds. but yeah, wordpress rocks

  2. Hey Britt, I read your blog too:) How you been lately? Did you figure out what your going to do with the blog?

  3. Switched to new gmail .... does it mean you have a new gmail id? If so then your existing Blog will be always attached to the old g mail ID.
    I don't know about wordpress, but its not as popular as Blogspot.